Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

When I was at Baldwin Beach two years ago Emily and I saw this house and joked that we'd move in.

Since then, the beach has eroded so badly that they'll have to tear it down.

Tonight's the harvest moon and it's so bright that the moonlight is bursting through the windows. Olinda is pretty high in elevation so at night it gets cool enough to wear sweaters. I like being a little bit cold at night.

I haven't written one line or picked up a work of fiction since I stepped off the plane. It's unnerving that I could so easily let something like that go. So easily that I didn't notice at all.

I wouldn't say that I'm settling in by any means but I've discovered abilities that wouldn't have been recognized had I stayed put. I've been playing my 35mm (sorry, nothing developed yet) but not so often. More of my time is spent editing (with final cut) for the movie and for fun. I'm surprised by how quickly I'm learning and I'm scared to jinx it but I would love for this to be the creative occupation that I can use to sustain myself financially. I'd have absolutely no problem with that. And that's something I've never said about anything.

Here's hoping.