Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I feel like I'm often accused of being too emotional. Maybe that's just my paranoia talking (paired with one or two other people who all too often feel the wrath of my emotions) but I know it's wrong. When compared to most, I'm a calm woman who rarely reveals herself and I feel like I need to be appreciated more for that. I've never had a flare for the dramatic. I've never understood people who do.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pick up your camera-

I've had such an amazing time so far. I've spent more time in the ocean than I thought I would. I've assisted on photoshoots that made the cover of the Maui Time (another one this Saturday), I've been meeting and helped out a ton of artists on the island (some of which are paying me), and best of all--I've been editing shorts for the film like crazy. I've shot and edited some for fun, too.

I wish equipment and software wasn't so expensive. I'm sure there are a ton of people out there with the talent but with no money to get started, at all. This opportunity fell in my lap but once I leave here I'm at square one and will probably have to beg for someone to share their FinalCut with me. $1,000 for software? That's just plain mean...

I LOVE taking photos but I'm GOOD AT shooting/editing video. They are such different things. I would love to be as good at taking pictures as I am at editing video.

But I feel most comfortable in the house pouring over fashion and photoblogs and telling myself I could do the same thing without even trying. I have two great cameras and I keep making excuses for not using them.

I know what it is. I could go around taking pictures of the pretty flowers and rainbows and waterfalls... but I really want to take pictures of my heinous, hot-mess, foul-mouthed, belligerently drunk friends. New York is so gross and beautiful. No one curses here! There aren't enough perverts! And I know people would disagree with me but there's no point in arguing. I know the best pervs around.

So, I've recruited the best one I know to take a two-week long roadtrip with me up and down the West coast to visit various pervs from different parts of my life. Here--HERE is where I will take the pictures AND the video. This is where I can really release that passion.

Then I retreat back to New York to give everyone I love a good long squeeze before I run away again.

No pictures. See above explanation.