Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meteor Showers

I got out. I'm in (on..whatever) Maui.

Transitions aren't easy. This one has been alright.

Above is a picture of the place where you get some of the best fish tacos on the small area of the planet I know, anyway. My cameras dead, the charger on the mainland, so cellphone pictures are all I've got for now.

no shoes
road sodas
waterfalls instead of pools
meteor showers
and a world of people who know nothing about me

Maui is small in the middle of a big ocean. You can feel it no matter where you are. Everything moves. There is always at least a breeze, usually much more.

When I was a brick in a house of stone I was not moved by wind and now I tremble madly...

...and drink Big Swell beer. Lots of it.

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